Do you know the difference between handmade press-on nails and factory-made nails?

The main differences between handmade press-on nails and factory-produced nails lie in the manufacturing process and the attention to detail.

Handmade nails are crafted by skilled artisans who meticulously shape and finish each piece, ensuring that every nail is not only unique but also meets the highest quality standards. This method allows for customizations to match your specific needs and style preferences.

On the other hand, factory-produced nails are typically mass-produced on assembly lines. While this method allows for rapid large-scale production, it often sacrifices the uniqueness and fine details of the nails. The quality can be inconsistent, they are more prone to breaking, and they are not suitable for reuse.

If you're looking for wearable nails that truly reflect your personal style and are of superior quality, handmade nails are the ideal choice;)

We've upgraded the solid glue for your press-ons!

No more worries about nails that aren't secure, damage your nails, or are hard to remove.

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UV light-cured press-ons that last so long, they'll surprise you!

After applying glue to your press-ons, use a UV light to fully cure each nail for 90 to 120 seconds at a 360-degree angle. For black-color press-ons, make sure to cure each nail under the light for 3 to 5 minutes. Ta-dah! This will ensure your press-ons are very secure.

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